Protects you

From Sick Building Syndrome which are a result of airborne pollutants & bacteria trapped and transported via the air conditioning system.

Helps in Killing

99.99% of bacteria, mould & fungi. Also removes build up of bacteria colonies & neutralizes bad odor.


The spread of common cold & influenza (H1N1, SARS) & other such ailments.


Sick car syndrome & sick building syndrome.

Our Mission

We are a professional team providing a synergy of innovative anti-bacterial treatments and advocate the importance of good public health and hygiene standards.

Our Vision

To make Bactakleen the global leading public service provider for anti-bacterial treatments across a wide range of applications.

Articles & Facts

  • Bacteria are single-celled creatures with tiny flagella.
  • Bacteria are alive, whereas, by comparison, viruses are much smaller, and are not exactly "alive" in the normal sense.
  • They are very small organisms, often only a single cell.
  • Bacteria need to get energy and may emit toxins or waste products.
  • Viruses are the smallest and simplest life form known. They are 10 to 100 times smaller than bacteria.
  • The biggest difference between viruses and bacteria is that viruses must have a living host - like a plant or animal - to multiply, while most bacteria can grow on non-living surfaces.
  • Bacteria are intercellular organisms (i.e. they live in-between cells); whereas viruses are intracellular organisms (they infiltrate the host cell and live inside the cell). They change the host cell's genetic material from its normal function to producing the virus itself.
  • There are some useful bacteria but all viruses are harmful.
  • Antibiotics can kill bacteria but not viruses.
  • An example of a disease caused by bacteria is strep throat and an example of an affliction caused by a virus is the flu.

Commercial Cleaning Services Check out the Benefits

Bactakleen was founded in 2008 by the owners of Excelsia Technologies (Malaysia) after realizing that there was an immediate need to improve the hygiene standards in our daily working environment, in our vehicles, our homes, to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harmful bacteria and viruses. Too often we see our children falling ill or our co-workers taking medical leave. Conventional spray and wipe applications proved to be inadequate as they were only short term solutions and over prolonged use, became too costly and tedious. As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and this is how Excelsia Technologies sourced and clinically-tested the best of today’s deodorizer technology to provide a synergy of treatments, not just on contact services but in hard to reach places as well.

Being results orientated and with people-first attitude, our team at Bactakleen are trained to provide you with professional advice, service and support.

Want to know more about Bactakleen products?


Other ULV Fogger Bactakleen Thermal Fogger
Droplet Minimum Size of 10-15 microns which makes surfaces more wet. Minimum size of 0.5 micron without making any type of non porous or porous surface wet at any temperature
Cleaning Requires post cleaning with a towel/cloth to wipe off surfaces. ZERO post cleaning required as it doesn’t form any water vapors due to condensation
Storage Heavy Machine and difficult to carry around due to size Weighs only 2.5 KGs and can be taken or stored anywhere.
Safety Any chemicals left over or not properly wiped off could be ingested and cause health hazards It is a vaporized mist hence easily disperses & Dissipates which zero residues left anywhere on any surface or air.
Coverage Labor Intensive and have to make sure every area is covered manually with disinfectant. A fog can penetrate and cover mili-micron area without having it to physically go to every corner.
Warranty Usually comes with 1 year warranty only 2 year comprehensive & replacement warranty with service centres available locally.
Maintenance Electric Motor which produces airflow damages & Wears out quickly. Parts harder to find, replace & repair. The heater has automatic pre-heating and cooling technology which elongates the life of the unit.
Combustible The disinfectant can easily cause fire is exposed to heat or sprayed in combustible areas. The solution used in Bactakleen is organic and herbal with zero fire hazards.
Consumption Not the enitre cold fogging solution is atomized leading to wastage of Disinfectant. The heater vaporizes the solution very efficiently so no residue is left within the heater, coils or pipes
Noise A very noisy machine due to strong outflow pump and motor making it unbearable The only noise you can hear is of the fog purging out hence make it friendly to the ears.