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Get you Bactakleen Machine now for as low as 200 AED ONLY!Click to find out more.

You can now lease our machine on a monthly basis. We understand it is difficult to commit and pay the total cost upfront without having to try it out. Hence, we have now decided to lease our machines for as long as you wish for the lowest price. The lease is divided as such:-


AED200Per 1 month

Minimum Purchase 2 bottles

  • List item


AED550 Per 3 month

Minimum Purchase 6 bottles

  • List item


AED1000Per 1 month

Minimum Purchase 6 bottles

  • List item


AED2000Per 1 year

Minimum Purchase 12 bottles

  • List item

All options require a deposit of 1000 AED against any misuse or damages of the machine. This deposit is 100% refunded upon returning the machine back in the condition it was given in. If you wish to purchase the machine, we shall adjust the deposit with the purchase price.

We have launched another option which includes installments plans/ rent-to-own. You can contact us to discuss your budget and we shall tailor & customize a plan to meet your requirements as much as possible.

Why wait? Get your hands on the first most premium disinfection machine today and keep yourself and your family safe from all kinds of viruses, germs, bacteria, fungus, and molds.

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