World's 1st two in one Anti Bacterial Treatment System for air conditioning system!

Who We Are:

Bactakleen was founded in 2008 by the owners of Excelsia Technologies (Malaysia) after realising that there was an immediate need to improve the hygiene standards in our daily working environment, in our vehicles, our homes, to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harmful bacteria and viruses. Too often we see our children falling ill or our co-workers taking medical leave. Conventional spray and wipe applications proved to be inadequate as they were only short term solutions and over prolonged use, became too costly and tedious. As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention” and this is how Excelsia Technologies sourced and clinically-tested the best of today’s anti-bacterial technology to provide a synergy of treatments to successful kill harmful micro-organisms, not just on contact services but in hard to reach places as well. Being results orientated and with people first attitude, our team at Bactakleen are trained to provide you with professional advice, service and support.

Differences in reproduction

Bacteria carry all the "machinery" (cell organelles) needed for their growth and multiplication. Bacteria usually reproduce asexually. In the case of sexual reproduction, certain plasmids genetic material can be passed between bacteria. On the other hand, viruses carry mainly information - for example, DNA or RNA, packaged in a protein and/or membranous coat. Viruses harness the host cell's machinery to reproduce. Their legs attach onto the surface of the cell then the genetic material contained inside the head of the virus is injected into the cell. This genetic material can either use the cell's machinery to produce its own proteins and/or virus bits, or it can be integrated into the cell's DNA/RNA and then translated later. When enough "baby" viruses are produced the cell bursts, releasing the new viral particles. In a sense, viruses are not truly "living," but are essentially information (DNA or RNA) that float around until they encounter a suitable living host.

What We Offer?

We offer the world’s first 2-in-1 anti-bacterial treatment system that effectively kills 99.9% of the germs and bacteria inside your vehicle, bedroom, office, toilets and kitchen. This revolutionary new treatment will kill any bacteria, mould or fungi hiding deep inside your air conditioning system and thriving in nearly impossible to reach nooks and crannies of your home or vehicle’s interior. Contact surfaces will be cleaned and treated in critical areas such as:

Office Cleaning Services

Banks Cleaning Services

Nursery Cleaning Services

School Cleaning Services

Medical Cleaning Services

Shopping Mall Cleaning Services

Jewellery Shop Cleaning Services

Retail Cleaning Services

Hospitality Cleaning Services

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Sports/Leisure Cleaning Services

Why Bactakleen?

Common bacteria forms on contact surfaces such as door handles, hand rails, faucet taps, table tops, your computer mouse and keyboard, and switches, spreading bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella, and it is this bacteria that you cannot see which is causing more harm than you realize. All viruses stem from bacteria that have mutated and evolved to a state that can be highly dangerous to humans, thus creating dangerous viruses such as H1N1 and SARS. The public reaction and health propaganda published by Governments around the world may have increased the level of public awareness, however, not enough has been done on the personal level to prevent the emergence of more viruses, or stir sufficient urgency amongst the public. The problem is that most people are oblivious to the fact bacteria and viruses are present on all surfaces especially those in public areas. Items we take for granted such as shopping trolleys, playground equipment or public tables and chairs are filled with bacteria that can potentially be lethal. Did you know that publicly used equipment is as filthy as public toilets? What about the air we breathe in daily? Biological contaminants such as bacteria, mould and mildew grow inside the dark recesses of our air conditioning, heating & duct systems. These pollutants also find their way into other microscopic areas and as a result of continually re-circulating air flow from the air-conditioning system, home owners, drivers, students, offices occupants and your business clients are repeatedly exposed to unhealthy air flow. The Sick Building Syndrome is a result of airborne pollutants and bacteria trapped and transported via the air conditioning system. Due to the contamination problems above, you are susceptible to illnesses such as:
Watery and red eyes
Skin disorders and irritations
Respiratory infections
and the spread of Influenza
Do you ever wonder why you always fall sick despite being in seemingly good state of health? Bactakleen is now available to protect you and your loved ones – saving you valuable money, time and from needless worry.

How it works?

Bactakleen combines the best of the 21st century technology from Japan and USA to offer a complete anti-bacterial treatment that is customizable and affordable. This combination encompasses a specially designed fumigation device to atomize our concentrated anti-bacterial solution into an ultra fine mist containing hundreds of millions of microscopic “nano-sized” cleaning particles and a special spray on anti-bacterial coating for contact surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels, faucet taps, hand rails and etc.

Due to the microscopic size of the cleaning particles, bacteria and germs no longer have anywhere to hide. For immediate results, this ultra fine mist is able to deeply penetrate into virtually all areas of the ventilation system, penetrate your home’s bedding and cushions, and vehicle’s interior including the carpeting, headliner and foam backing of seats, killing the bacteria and germs hiding there. The spray on anti-bacterial coating will protect the contact surfaces from bacteria growth, thus providing long term protection.


Bactakleen Anti-Bacterial Treatment can benefit the following industries:
Automotive – motor vehicles, aeroplanes, rental vehicles, used car sales, public transport
Industrial – factories, warehouses, packaging centres
Education – kindergartens, schools, Montessori’s, child care centres, libraries, colleges, tuition centres
Medical – clinics, hospitals, ambulances
Fitness and Well-being – gyms, spas, golf clubs, sports clubs, beauty salons
Food and Beverage / Entertainment – cafes, restaurants
Shopping and Retail – shopping centres, shop lots
Homes and Offices – houses, apartments, offices
Hospitality – hotels, motels, resorts, lodges
Recreation – cinema, gaming centres, casinos
Tourist centres – temples, museums, galleries
Transit – Airports, bus stations, train stations
Non-profit Organisations – orphanages, old folks’ homes, institutions
Others – Government offices, farms, pet shops, call centres Bactakleen is able to cater to practically all industries and applications.