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October 26, 2020
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Disinfect Sanitize Sterilize Automotive

Disinfect Sanitize Sterilize Automotive

Keeping your car’s interior, both bacteria and germ-free is quite essential. Even so, disinfecting all surfaces minimizes the potential risks of contracting the globally spreading COVID-19 virus.

Although vehicle disinfection and cleaning seem more manageable, the two processes are different. Combating the coronavirus effectively entails proper disinfection using the required antibacterial cleaning products. Here is all that is needed for a complete sanitization of your car amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Things to Avoid Using when Disinfecting

Sanitizing your car’s interior seems complex since the materials can quickly become damaged. The inappropriate cleaning products or excessive liquid spoils the vehicle parts, mostly leading to mold growth. Some chemicals reduce the anti-glare layers. Therefore, a lot of care should be put forth when cleaning to prevent damages impacting the vehicle’s valuation.

One easier way of disinfecting your car involves the use of multi-purpose disinfectant wipes. Not only do the supplies kill germs but also they clean and suit various hard surfaces.

  1. Prepare the Supplies

Before initiating the cleaning process, ensure you are protected from bacteria and germs. The ideal process encompasses washing your hands using soap and wearing one-use gloves. In cases where water and soap are unavailable, you should instead use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Reusing rubber gloves is unhygienic because it is a potential agent for spreading more germs.

Choose cleaning materials and products you use depending on your car’s materials. Avoid harsh disinfectant spray and chemicals since they can harm the body and also the vehicle parts. Generally, stick to specifically designed vehicle agents because the products are user- and surface friendly.

  1. b. Disinfect Focus Areas

Vehicle users have areas that are often touched, and more attention must be given to the points. While sanitizing, focus more on the seatbelts, door handle, start button, ventilation knobs and grilles, gear lever, and steering wheel. In any vehicle, these points need a lot of time to clean; however, you should check where else to consider in your car.

  1. Begin Disinfection

Most cars’ interior surfaces are less durable and so should be protected without causing damages. With some important exceptions, many household cleaners kill coronavirus on surfaces. Chances are, these disinfecting products are already available at home.

Clean the whole vehicle’s interior using disinfecting wet wipes, except for the seats. Ensure your wipes have sodium hypochlorite for maximum value.

Next, change to using multi-surface cleaners for disinfecting your car further. Whatever antibacterial cleaning products you choose, check if the cleansers contain benzyl ammonium or benzalkonium chloride.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  One positive side of multi-surface liquid solutions is that you can clean your car’s nook and cranny.

All you need is a spray and one wipe down using a microfiber fabric. However, this cloth traps dirt easily and so will not cause damages or scratches to your interior surfaces.

A softer cleaning approach prevents damage to the vehicle’s materials, something you must avoid. Therefore, gentle circular motions you preserve your car’s integrity and interior.

What should You do in Dubai?

As the world gradually returns to normal life, the time is ideal for checking on the best disinfecting and sanitizing products Dubai for your car. At a minimum, keeping the vehicle both on the outside and inside surfaces means safety to your loved ones against germs. Ensuring that the proper disinfection practices are followed correctly and consistently means less daunting cleaning.

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