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April 15, 2020
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Finest practices: utilizing electrostatic know-how for higher floor disinfection within the infection prevention and management business, environmental cleansing and disinfecting of surfaces is turning into extra essential than ever earlier than. Analysis research present that environmental cleansing and disinfection can play an essential function in serving to stop the unfold of an infection. A brand new, promising know-how on this business is the applying of EPA-approved disinfectants using electrostatic utility methods for correct floor disinfection. Electrostatics is a confirmed know-how within the agricultural and automotive industries. This know-how is now being built-in into the infection prevention and management business as software to interrupt the chain of pathogen mobility.

What’s Electrostatics?

Electrostatics is a department of physics that research the phenomena and properties of stationary or slow-moving electrical prices (Electrostatics, 2016). Ulv fogger machine phenomena are definitely demonstrated when lint is drawn to garments, or when mud clings to a TV display screen. These descriptions are examples of Coulomb’s legislation. Coulomb’s legislation, first printed in 1783 by French physicist Charles Augustin de Coulomb, states that reverse electrical prices entice and like prices repel. Electrostatics entails the buildup of cost on the floor of objects on account of contact with different surfaces (Electrostatics, 2016). Electrostatic induction charging is a technique of making or producing static electrical energy in a fabric by bringing an electrically charged object close to it. This causes electrical prices to be redistributed within the materials, leading to one aspect having an extra of both optimistic (+) or unfavorable (-) prices.

Utilizing Electrostatics for Floor Disinfection

Most floor areas are impartial (uncharged) or unfavorable. Fogging treatment utility for floor disinfection is a technique of making use of disinfectants to a goal floor space by using electrostatic power of attraction. Merely put, the electrostatic system locations {an electrical} cost on the droplets and disperses them throughout a goal floor space, offering a complete, even protection. This gives constant and uniform protection by which the droplets adhere to vertical, horizontal, and three-dimensional surfaces (“wraps” across the goal space). As confirmed within the agriculture and automotive industries, this electrostatic utility course takes much less time to attain the specified impact, whereas considerably decreasing chemical prices. (Laryea and No, 2004 and 2005; Matthews, 1992)

Analysis has proven that microorganisms can survive on surfaces for days, weeks, and even months, and will be hidden from present spray and wipe strategies. (Kramer, 2006) Utilizing electrostatic know-how gives efficient, confirmed, protected, and complete floor protection and eliminates cross-contamination of harmful pathogens. Relating to COVID-19, the virus can final on surfaces for a number of hours, and even days.

Electro statically-applied disinfectant droplets don’t droop or linger within the air. These electrically charged droplets are super-attracted to their opposites. Subsequently, utilized disinfectants can higher accomplish their acknowledged efficacy charges (with correct dwell instances and adherence to EPA chemical suggestions) (Ebron, 2014).

In each third-get together testing and actual-world settings, scientific research has proven electrostatic utility methodology can present efficacy and important enhancements inside environmental providers’ terminal cleansing procedures. Within the American Journal of An infection Management, an examination for decontaminating the working room surroundings was offered. It was discovered that utilizing persistent know-how with a quaternary ammonium and trichloromelamine resolution utilizing a 40-micron electrostatic applicator will considerably scale back colony-forming items (CFUs) remaining after normal terminal cleansing (Sutton, 2015). A examine carried out within the laboratory setting with an 85-micron electrostatic applicator using hydrogen peroxide and sliver based mostly product for efficacy in opposition to S. Aureus, P. Aeruginosa, MRSA, and C. Difficile confirmed a mean of 99.999% discount of vegetative microorganism (S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, and MRSA) and a mean 99% discount of spore-forming microorganism (C. difficile) as labeled on the product for surfaces (Ebron, 2014). Different healthcare system research has proven a major lower in-hospital re-admission charges, turnaround instances for affected person discharge/switch rooms, chemical consumption, and in labor. (Blake G. and Whiteley, B., 2015)

Because the demand continues for enhancements within the infection prevention and management business for HAIs by regulatory companies, applied sciences will likely be wanted to offer price-efficient options that make floor disinfection sooner and extra complete. Electrostatic utility is among the applied sciences that have emerged as a viable resolution on account of its capacity to use water-soluble chemistry (established efficacy by way of EPA labeling).


Correct cleansing and disinfecting of environmental surfaces is a confirmed protection in opposition to the unfold of an infection. Utilizing electrostatic infection management methods at the side of standardized protocols and procedures for correct floor disinfection will help meet these challenges.

Electrostatic utility methods present the tip consumer with the power to resolve lots of the issues which can be current in present strategies of disinfectant sprayers. They scale back the time wanted for correct disinfection, present complete protection, use much less disinfectant, and are straightforward to function and preserve.

An infection prevention and management business is looking for a viable resolution to the threats posed by pathogens. Using electrostatic utility methods, mixed with correct cleansing and disinfecting procedures, could also be a viable resolution.

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