Difference between ULV fogging and thermal fogging?

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There are two large and broad categories under insect foggers, one is thermal fogger and the other is ULV Foggers for cleaning. You may have heard these terms especially when you might be browsing for pest control services.

Although the purpose of these foggers is similar and almost the same, but they use different fogging techniques plus they also require a different type of fogging liquid. Let’s talk about both in detail to understand which one is ideally meant for you.

Thermal Fogger

One major advantage of considering thermal fogger is its fog and the quality of Disinfection removal. Since the use of heat to vaporize the fogging solution is implemented in the Thermal fogger, you can see a formation of a thick cloud of fog that can be grey or white.

The heat from thermal fogger comes from propane or electricity:

  1. Gas thermal fogger: it definitely requires a gas cylinder to be well mounted to the fogger. They are cordless, portable, and fully adjustable anywhere.
  2. Electric fogger: It uses electrical batteries to be operated. Their movement is subject to the length of the electrical cord.

A highly visible thick fog has a certain advantage in itself. It can be easy to control, monitor, and thus making it easier to aim the fog toward areas that are the target hits.

ULV fogger

As the name suggests, ultra-low volume floggers typically require a low amount of fogging liquid. This overall results in low application costs. fog using the pressure like:

  1. The insecticide solution is pumped through a highly pressured nozzle r
  2. The solution is slowly going through high-speed air of vortex. This is how the pressure results in breaking the liquid into a tiny droplet and then spray come out invisible.

Here the best part is, you need not have to buy additional fuel so they are cheaper. They also don’t produce hard to clean oil residue. In fact, you can use it with oil-based insecticide preparation.


Thermal Fogging:

It is used in insect control and sanitizing the area, so those insects that transmit the disease and the virus to the human being. Small particles presented in it suspended longer ad penetrate into the dense vegetation longer and effectively.

The visibility of the fog allows the operators to control the direction of the spray easily to the outdoor application.

The best part of these small droplets produced from it is, it can be used in areas where the insecticides are deposited like cracks, ceiling, floor, walls as well as the other foliage.

ULV Flogging: 

The most amazing part of ULV Flogging is it can be used indoor as they do not heat up. It can be remotely operated as it can be used to disinfect indoor spaces.

Plus, the mold and fungal control can also be considered well and applied by using the ULV Flogging.

Which means one can use it to the indoor as well as on the crops. While not using the heat, it can avoid the risk of fire. Furthermore, the invisible fog makes them usable to the neighborhood, military.

Which is Better? 

Here, in any indoor place, ULV fogger uses the cold fogging techniques so they are safe and rich in Disinfectant properties to use in the indoor. They are the best pest control method for the indoor, they are used outdoor as well to some extent like mosquito killing. On the other hand, Thermal foggers are ideal for outdoor application, being easily visible it allows greater efficiency and control.

Both have some of the other advantages and disadvantages, so it totally depends upon your preference and liking. If you are planning for indoor, you can go for ULV flogging, while for outdoor the suitability is more of Thermal flogging.

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