Sanitization tunnels: is it an effective disinfection measure?

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October 17, 2020
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Sanitization tunnels

Most countries have been in a state of lockdown since the beginning of the year. One reason being the exponentially increasing number of coronavirus cases. With no readily developed vaccine, multiple confidence-building practices and measures are rapidly coming up. Foremost of these is the sanitizing tunnels often placed outside the most crowded places. Essentially, the structures are installed in a manner that free spraying of disinfectants on people.

How Sanitizing tunnels work

Coronavirus is a highly contagious and enveloped disease. Because of its nature, an infected person can transmit it through close contact. Fortunately, even the most low-level disinfectants can destroy the virus. General hygiene is vital in keeping the virus at bay, and nonvolatile disinfectants play a significant role. And the maximum effectiveness of the process is achieved when it is performed indoors.

Ideally, spraying the sanitizers in tunnels is a good combat measure against all other pathogens. The reason is that indoor spaces allow more contact time that will be sufficient to leave the surfaces harmless. Tunnels deactivate contaminants, hence leaving the real sense of effectiveness among the public. Mental satisfaction is one best way to test the efficacy levels, which provides the confidence of venturing into public spaces. After the walkthrough, it is, however, recommended that supplementary practices like hand washing be done.

Why buy Disinfectant tunnels

Sanitizing tunnels are mostly portable and so are convenient to use. For that reason, it can be established effectively in any place. Supposedly, this machine disinfects people within seconds and is so used in combating the novel coronavirus. When you pass through the tunnel, nozzles spray a disinfectant mist on you, which kills pathogens.

Indeed, with this resource, you can run your business without worrying about your health. Moreover, your customers will be assured of being safe while using your facility. Whenever someone walks through this tunnel, all the belongings get sanitized. Therefore, all the potential germs, bacteria, and viruses are killed by ensuring that no virus enters the premises.

Without losing the primary purpose, the best antiseptic products can be, the novel pandemic will be prolonged. That means population-based and behavioral measures are an overtime requirement and practice.

Hand hygiene and social distancing are sometimes cumbersome. In everyday life, people will find the process obstructive without accessing the tunnels. This standard measure cannot be neglected since it is an intervention that properly disinfects and sanitizes. Its main germ-fighting ingredient will work faster when sprayed on different surfaces.

Where to get Sanitization tunnels

Following the outset of the global pandemic, it is known that viruses can be harmful. Bactakleen has worked to provide effective solutions. The products developed helps to prevent its spread and destroy the virus. Of course, you may clean your home regularly, but pathogens remain active without properly disinfecting surfaces. Therefore, cleaning the living space to a microscopic level is one way to alleviating this threat.

Bactakleen offers professional cleaning services. The experts come prepared with advanced tools, prescribed equipment, and PPEs to sanitize all surfaces. Installing the disinfection tunnels will provide the desired benefits to your facility. When combined with the appropriate disinfectants, the underlying design standards of the structures make it cause no risks or harm to people.

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