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October 22, 2020
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October 22, 2020
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Cleaning Sanitizing Disinfection

In the sudden repercussion of the countrywide lockdown announced some months before, countless workers walked hundreds to thousands of kilometers, hoping to reach various towns or villages. Amidst these different parts of the country had an emergence of visuals of people being sprayed using disinfectants in solution form.

While the country prepared for relaxations, more industries got ready for normal functioning under strict workplace conditions. Regardless of multiple notifications from WHO and the government, several forms of such Disinfection tunnels sprung up. Some are placed at strategic places, however, without stating its clear benefits or regulatory guidelines. Here is the reason why considering the use of anti-bacterial disinfectants is essential.

Problems related to spraying

Since the time of initiated use, the general public received the incorrect impression that such tunnels have been recommended as a precaution for Corvid-19. However, the reality is that getting the fume sprays can be very harmful. Even so, this is a senseless act because disinfectants have a specific period to work safely on some surfaces. The protocol for sanitizing commends that any place to be disinfected must remain shut. This process has explicit norms, including disinfecting, using the best products. If somebody enters this place at the time, whether the person is infected or not, it necessitates a repeat of the process.

These tunnels create the wrong impression to the public regarding COVID-19 safety measures. People might get sprayed with fumes and believe the surfaces have become germfree and no risks. Having such false ideas regarding safety may make people start interacting without any further precautions. This request for not using the tunnels does not mean the fumigation products are unsafe. The solutions have been used in cleaning surfaces over time. But no trial has been done to confirm its effectiveness in fumigating against or handling viruses.

Why Bactakleen is necessary

Common viruses often form on surfaces, and it spreads to cause more harm. The general public reactions worldwide increased the government’s level of awareness regarding the installation of fumigating tunnels. However, at a personal level, not much has been done to prevent the occurrence of more viruses. The problem is that many people remain ignorant of the presence of such germs on every surface.

Due to such potential contamination problems, specific recommendations have been put in place. The warning is that the tunnels are supplements but not replacement measures for maintaining hygiene. More importantly, any difference in the solution’s concentration can lead to severe side-effects. To prevent such dangerous mishaps and worries, it is essential to find the leading anti-bacterial disinfectants.

In conclusion, with Bactakleen, all surfaces and systems can be germfree effectively. The revolutionary treatment kills all hidden bacteria that may thrive in the hard to reach places at home. That way, the actual danger posed by any present virus will help in preventing its further spread. Tunnels will not work, but sanitizing takes the shortest time possible to fight the germs found n surfaces. Likewise, the chemicals may not create any allergies to the skin or even cause other diseases. Therefore, it is indispensable to apply such disinfectants in the best ways possible.



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