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October 7, 2020
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October 15, 2020
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The COVID-19 virus is still far from coming to a close. Amidst this, no cure or vaccine for eliminating this threat has been found. However, with the world finding itself in severe health and economic crisis, the appropriate defencemen compasses practicing strict cleaning protocols. That measure necessitates disinfecting all high-touch surfaces throughout the day or hours.

If you have an establishment seeing colossal foot traffic, you will need to keep the space clean always. Of course, having cleaners who maintain the property regularly is imperative. This highly contagious virus can be contained effectively with trained specialists. Here are the top reasons for considering professional disinfection services.

Reliable work quality

The initial months after reopening will certainly see stringent cleaning standards. Over time, however, most people tend to relax with little concerns about keeping surfaces cleaner. Professional service providers cannot act this way. Because of the many years’ experience in this industry, the firms know the benefits of maintaining the firmest safety standards. Keeping that in mind, the job will be handled with the strive to uphold every requirement. In ensuring agreement with quality standards and safety, all services include completion reports. Now even in publicly shared premises, you will understand whatever work has been performed.

Safety protocols

Usually, commercial places house many kinds of stuff, including metal, plastics, and cardboard. Because viruses like germs remain on surfaces over time, facility managers must ensure the shared materials are disinfected appropriately with time. Fortunately, professional cleaners decontaminated many high-risk environments even before the outbreak. For such a reason, the safety protocols to be followed are already established. With the substantial training in guaranteeing customers and individual safety, the specialists know what should be done. Owning the required PPEs and equipment will lead to adequate handling of the job. The critical touch surfaces and points will be cleaned systematically leaving nothing unintended.

Understanding of applicable cleaning solutions

Specialized training and many years of experience provide professional cleaners with an acute knowledge of the appropriate cleaning materials for your property. The panic from contagious viruses and germs pushes people to resort to more robust, commercially available products. However, the chemicals can pose health hazards to the untrained people during use. This risk is not exclusive to unwanted damages costs of repairs. Having this process handled by professionals is both economic and safer for you over time.

Proper hygiene can be achieved using approved disinfecting products on surfaces. Given that there is no regular virus, hiring a fully equipped company to handle the situation, significantly reduces pathogens in the environment. Professional cleaning crews enable facility owners to get more time focusing on the core businesses instead of spending resources weekly on handling cleaning tasks.

Get the right disinfection service provider

Property owners play the role of ensuring safety in the workplace environment. Apart from making your premises virus-free, always practice the measures gripping nations today.  Finding the best disinfection and cleaning service provider is often challenging. Bactakleen offers professional services to maintain commercial surfaces and space germ-free. Well, if you need carpet cleaning, disinfectant spraying and fogging, or water restoration products services in Dubai look no further.

Get in touch today with Bactakleen, to be assured of a virus-free environment. Also, learn more about our unique, approved, tested, and safe products for use in your properties.

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