Why disinfecting your home is vital?

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October 15, 2020
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October 16, 2020
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Home is where your heart is. And nothing beats the feeling of having a healthy family. However, there are always threats that come from germs and bacteria. Such contaminants cause severe infections to your body. The impacts are even worse, especially if you have young children. Therefore, homes are supposed to be a haven where everyone can relax and recuperate from long daily hustles. Unfortunately, while winding up from the outside environment, all the collected germs are carried home through dirty hands, clothes, and phones. Here are the top three reasons why disinfecting is necessary.

Germs are everywhere

Germs live and survive everywhere. From the air to plants, food, soil, animals, water, among other surfaces. Even if your home looks clean, it may still harbor contaminants that affect your family’s health. One reason is that children love to play. And while doing so, the tendency to touch a lot of surfaces comes. In most cases, the next place the hand touches are snacks without first washing the hands. As a parent, you may not always be there to monitor whatever kids do.

Like other microorganisms, germs cannot die even in extreme temperatures. The movement from different places is relatively easy, causing poisoning or even affecting your digestion. And so, through thorough disinfection of your home and offices, you eliminate 99.9percent of contaminants.

Killing germs is challenging

Most tasks done from home now means touching surfaces that harbor microorganisms. That is the reason regular cleaning cannot eliminate harmful viruses. Same to the office, thousands of germs stay inside making normal using water and soap not enough. Disinfecting your office accurately ensures that all environments are safe from bacterial infections.

However, to eliminate the threats, effective cleaning only reduces germs but not kill. Interchangeably disinfecting and following with cleaning may remove the growth and left bacteria. If done correctly, you will kill all microscopic organisms so that no harm is caused. Leaving your home safe and bacterium free reduces the potential threats.

No place is safe

Now that the world is in the middle of a pandemic caused by a virus, all the touched items can cause allergies. Besides complying with the precautionary steps and cleaning, the services should be performed thoroughly. Considering the products usually used to sanitize your home may lead to effective processes. The product labels may say that a sanitize kills 99.9% of bacteria. However, it fails to mention if it is effective against viruses or fungi. It would help if you looked for disinfectants that can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Hygiene and cleanliness are always the prime lines of defense against harmful. In combating viruses and germs as it is currently happening, maintaining a regular home and office space disinfection are essential.

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces provide a germ-free home and workplace environment. Bactakleen is committed to aiding your safety by lending a hand in the essential disinfection services in Dubai. So it would be best if you stayed worry-free and organized without germs during this outbreak.

If you are not sure where you can get such disinfecting products, try Bactakleen. The products offered are very affordable and user-friendly. With any of these, you can rest assured that your home is safe from bacterial, fungi, and viral infection. You can also hire a cleaning service professionals for more disinfection needs.


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