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October 22, 2020
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October 26, 2020
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Unfortunately, since the world came under attack from COVID-19, businesses have struggled a lot. What is worse, some have been forced to shut down completely due to economic hardship. With experts advising that it is not ending soon, essential service business owners like grocery stores must find ways to remain afloat. The fact that humans need food to survive, the one-stop nature of such services will continue receiving multitude of visitors.

Grocery stores have become the new center for public health and safety concern. Here is how to prepare, reassess, and adjust the business strategies to weather beyond the storm. Individual responsibility is a key factor

People need to shop for food and other essential stuff like toiletries and beverages among others. And while doing that, it is hard to tell who is infected with coronavirus and who is not. It is also close to impossible to monitor every step a client makes. That makes it more challenging to know everything visitors do. Because of this, it is advisable that all publicly shared spaces be kept safe. After adhering to some of the recommended measures, immediately use hand sanitizers before touching any surfaces. Individual responsibility plays a very important role in keeping you healthy.

However, it is known that not everyone follows these rules. Some people can just sneeze or cough without covering their mouth and nose. Therefore, in the process releasing these pathogens on sorroundings and putting others at risk. Or they can contaminate surfaces by going ahead to touch surfaces without washing or sanitizing hands. It is essential to regard other facility users to avoid the potential upsurge of viral infections.

Implementing robust hygiene standards

It is therefore important for a facility manager to take it upon oneself to ensure that hygiene measures are adhered to strictly. Now, you may ask what kind of procedures and virus control measures you need to put in place immediately? Perhaps, your worry is how to develop a strategy to implement vigorous steps of hygiene in your facility. Well, the answer always comes down to the selection of the right disinfection products.

You need to disinfect surfaces regularly. But if you use the wrong products for whatever reasons or maybe to cut costs, then you might just end up doing nothing. Not all disinfectant products can kill coronavirus pathogens on surfaces. Also, some products tend to be toxic, so you need to consult with an expert. This consultation comes before you decide what method and product is best suited for your business environment. Ensure you follow the labelled instructions.

Consider Backtacleen Hand sanitizing products


The transition to return to the workplae is slightly daunting. One major consideration that all organizations must follow involves evaluating the practices to be adopted in promoting safer physical environment. Once you’re decided on which sanitization products to use, you should make sure that they are EPA approved.

Frequently disinfect surfaces throughout the day, surfaces should include dishware, food prep surfaces, counters, door knobs or handles, supermarket carts or trollies, equipment handles, checkout areas, beverage equipment, hand rails and other frequently touched surfaces.

Provide hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes for your staff and customers. Enforce mask wearing mandate for customers and employees as well as providing your staff with appropriate PPEs. For the most effective products and expert guidance, contact Bactakleen today.


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