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October 22, 2020
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October 22, 2020
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With business employees getting back to work across nations, safety remains paramount for business leaders. That way, teams will keep the aim of keeping all industrial operations smoothly running while also limiting the potential spread of COVID-19. Here are three steps to maintain the continuity of service delivery, and your employees feel safe always.

Hand hygiene

People usually catch and spread infections via the hands. Inter-person contact is one of the most common ways for viruses to move to other places. When an infected person sneezes or coughs, infectious microorganisms can land on any nearby surfaces. Of course, you can contaminate handrails, remote controls, light switch, computer keyboards, door handles or knobs, toilet flush buttons or handles. And that is why hand hygiene is the most crucial step during COVID-19. Keeping that in mind, you should always sanitize your hands whenever you are mostly in public places.

Washing hands frequently is one measure that sounds unrealistic. However, it is advisable to do it during this crisis when everyone is working towards saving lives. This step will not cost you much. So, make it habitual whenever you are within the workplace each. Moreover, it would be best if you washed your hands thoroughly.

Provide your employees with sanitizing wipes for use on shared desks when necessary. Also, hand sanitizers should be available at crucial office points for people to use before and after touching surfaces.

Keep your workspace disinfected.

During these uncertain times, it is preferable to work from home. But this is not always possible for everyone. Most people cannot work from home, and almost all businesses are beginning to resume full operations. There will always be many movements in the workplace, which means people are touching key areas and things.

Being among the places that you devote a considerable amount of time almost daily, many germs get harbored in your workplace. What is more, it is possibly among the filthiest environments where your time is spent. Also, the chances of becoming infected by the novel COVID-19 remains to be very high always. Are you thinking about how? Of course, your keyboard spaces may contain the virus and bacteria. Infections can arise from other hygiene risks in public places.

With such inevitable but potential sources of cross-contamination, the solution is team-work. Employers must educate and encourage your staff to strictly maintain hygiene. Taking such measures is an acceptable way of keeping the people around you safe from infections.

Be prepared and keep disinfectants handy.

The current situation and crisis have caused anxiousness among people globally. The concerns are revolving around what to do in preventing becoming infected. It is vital to have your cleaners frequently clean and disinfect the critical touchpoints in your facility. This step is a proven way to eliminate the virus from shared spaces and the environment. However, it is mostly recommended to employ a professional cleaning company.

Because of the unique tools and trained experts with experience, the teams can appropriately deal with disinfection products. The knowledge on each creation’s exact dwell time and other measures to be taken can ensure 100% effectiveness of the services. Contact Bactakleen today for more disinfection solutions, even during emergencies.

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