Can a Steam Cleaner Be Used for Disinfection?

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Hygiene has always been a significant factor in human health. According to the CDC. (2019), Germs, bacteria and other pathogens are always lurking around, just waiting to make you sick. These microorganisms are too small to be seen by naked eyes, and they are not easy to kill without the right weapons. Even if your home seems to be clean because you usually clean, these microorganisms can still be there, and the only way to destroy them is through disinfection. So, perhaps you are asking, what if you use a steam cleaner when cleaning? Can it kill these pathogens and keep your home safe? Let’s first see how steam cleaners work.

What is a steam cleaner, and how does it work?

A steam cleaner is a household appliance designed to clean dirty surfaces using vapour. Klemeš, Van Fan, and Jiang (2020) noted that it works by heating the water beyond its boiling point. And so, turning it into a vapour and then releasing it through the nozzles at a very high pressure. This force can be used to remove even the toughest dirt regardless of what the dirt is clinging to.

Using a steam cleaner to disinfect surfaces

Many people have often wondered if steam cleaners can be used as disinfectants and how effective they can be. Well, the answer is yes. Tenaglia (2020) added that steam cleaners can be used not only to clean but also to disinfect, and they are beneficial for that matter. Our homes are usually filled with many germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses, and these pathogens are millions in numbers. Even if you usually clean your home, eliminating pathogens requires more than just cleaning. Cleaning instead of disinfection can only reduce the number of germs and bacteria, but killing them is an issue.

The only way you can be sure your home is free of pathogens is through disinfection. Steam cleaning can be considered as disinfection because most pathogens can’t survive high temperatures. Steam is vaporized water, and the process requires a lot of heat. When the vapour is released, it comes out hot, burning all the germs and bacteria upon contact. The steam must be between 175 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 3 minutes during the application for it to kill pathogens. The higher the temperature is, the more effective it can be against these pathogens.

The advantages of steam cleaning

Steam cleaning can help rid your home of common bugs like dust mites and other threats. Dust mites can negatively impact the health of those living with asthma and those who are suffering from allergies. This allergen is usually found in upholsteries, beddings, rugs, and carpets, and they can trigger allergic reactions that can range from mild to severe. The list of diseases one can contract from these pathogens is endless, and that is why regular disinfection of your home after cleaning is necessary as commended by the CDC. (2019) reports.

Steam has been proven to kill a significant number of bacteria and viruses. The number is estimated to be at least 97percent, making it a good disinfectant. It is also, without a doubt, environmentally friendly as it requires zero chemicals to work. But it’s essential to get a good quality steam cleaner because quality matters when it comes to effectiveness. Contact Bactakleen to get the best deal.

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