Can You Travel with a Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Spray?

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According to the WHO, cleaning product ingredients related concerns has increasingly taken the toll recently with the novel viral spread continuity. With different associations between the use and respiratory diseases incidence among professional cleaners and users has increasingly been reported. Of course, one of every four disinfectant sprays may have irritants including bleach, ammonia, and acetic acid, all that are chemicals. However, while most of the products are useful for residential activities, people still lack the idea of whether to travel with multipurpose spray.

What is a multi-purpose disinfectant spray?

A multi-purpose disinfectant spray is a type of disinfectant that is designed to not only kill harmful microorganisms but also to act as an antiseptic. Those who wish to protect their homes from harmful bacteria need to have at least one of these at home. The CDC reports emphasize that an average multi-purpose disinfectant spray contains a high percentage of active ingredient that is alcohol. It ranges from 70% to 95% and is guaranteed to eliminate many pathogens.

A type of bacteria won’t allow you to enjoy the fresh air in your house or your car. The organisms produce an odor that even makes you afraid of inviting guests over or giving that special person a ride in your car. Well, if that is the case, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Multi-purpose disinfectant sprays can give you back your freedom of fresh air. Republic (2020) noted that it can eradicate odor-causing bacteria leaving your home and car smelling fresh. It also eliminates mold and mildew, by the way, and prevents their growth for a week or so.

Can you travel with this spray?

Well, let’s get to the right question. If you are wondering if you can travel with a multi-purpose disinfectant spray, the answer to you is yes. Since the beginning of the pandemic, you can’t rely on other people to keep you safe, even if it’s their job. When you check in to a certain hotel, it doesn’t matter if it’s a 0 star or 5 stars. The fact is that you have to assume that the place is not disinfected even though it could be. Just bring the multi-purpose disinfectant spray with you because it’s better to protect yourself.

Besides long travels, you can use it at your workstation to keep yourself safe, especially now dealing with coronavirus. The sprays come in portable containers, which means you can fit them in your car’s compartment, purse, or backpack when going to work or any other place that you think disinfection is needed.

What are the pros and cons of a multi-purpose disinfectant spray?

Now with the knowledge of its effectiveness against many pathogens and as an antiseptic, what are the benefits and disadvantages of the active ingredient? Kim, Lim, and Lee (2020) noted that keepin in mind of the two types of alcohol commonly used as active ingredients in sanitizers: Isopropyl alcohol such as IPA and Ethanol, a lot can be gathered from here.

The advantages of alcohol-based disinfectants are that they work fast to eliminate pathogens, which means the dwell time is shorter than other disinfectants. And it is also effective against a good number of pathogens, including Coronavirus, SAR, and Ebola. That means it is a strong weapon as we are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The disadvantage is that alcohol can’t kill every type of pathogen, and if it is used in a lower concentration than 60%, it becomes useless even against coronavirus. Pathogens like Cryptosporidium, norovirus, and Clostridium are resistant to alcohol.

Final word from Bactakleen

Having an understanding of sprays related issues is likely for many people. Finding the safety information for such products during purchase provides sufficient. When you are purchasing a disinfectant spray, the conclusion is that the alcohol percentage is 60 and above. Bactakleen provides the best deals on multi-purpose disinfectant spray.

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