Choosing the right disinfectant products for your facility

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Cleaning and disinfecting

Infections and disease outbreaks put your family and staff at risk. Working and living in spaces free from microorganisms is one vital prerequisite to achieving reliable health conditions. That is why you must schedule your facility cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning encompasses eliminating visible debris and dirt, and you need to clean surfaces before you disinfect.

The vital element of defense over microscopic organisms, disinfectants are ever ready to combat germs in your space. But to achieve compliance with health standards, how would you select the best disinfectant? Here are the critical elements to check-in disinfectants:

Varying spectrum efficacy

The world today is filled with many counterfeit products. Of course, the market is already flooded, making it hard to know what is genuine and not. Some manufacturers’ labels may state that it kills 99.9% of germs. However, facility owners can never be sure of such claims. Perhaps, consulting experts on what is best suited for your facility is worth it. Also, considering the surface or materials you are targeting in your facility is imperative. Getting a product that can eliminate a broad spectrum of pathogens is cost-effective.

Safety during use

Disinfectants, like any other product, can cause respiratory or skin irritation. If unchecked, it poses concerns about occupational health and safety. Indeed, you want safe products for all your equipment, staff, and animals. Safety levels increase compliance since your employees will not fear using it!

Some disinfectant categories are toxic or staining. Others are corrosive, strong, or produce undesirable odor. Always check the product’s toxicity and flammability levels or protective gear recommendations for whatever you apply. Be sure that a disinfectant will not damage any surface it is intended for, and do not mix chemicals.

Short dwell time

The effectiveness of disinfectants calls for remaining wet on surfaces during the contact period. Proper cleaning is, however, only achieved when all the debris is eliminated before disinfection occurs. Some products lack detergents making it challenging to clean well. Even worse, the pre-clean step might need additional products to achieve disinfection. Look for a one-step sanitizer having shorter contact times. Without evaporation, reapplication will not be required for your jobs.

Simplicity during use

The reality is, the best disinfectant in the market does not matter if it cannot be used easily. If users dislike a product, no one will use it, leaving you uncompliant. Considering the hassle of processes, including deactivation, activation, and multi-part mixing, the product will not be worth purchasing. Instead, your steps should be simplified. Use wipe-down, easily diluted, or ready-to-use concentrates or liquids will improve your compliance.

Where to find the right disinfectant products

Bactakleen is an excellent one-step disinfectant cleaner powered by Excelsia Technologies. The patented technology is safe for the planet, animals, and people. At home, you will kill a wider spectrum of germs and other pathogens. Besides, it is easy to apply. The contact time when cleaning and disinfecting goes for as low as one minute.
Because of its safety, effectiveness, and ease of use, Bactakleen ensures complete compliance with cleaning protocols. All sanitizing results come out with a lot of reliability and accuracy, and your family will thank you always. Many other benefits come along by choosing Bactakleen, including enjoy learning on reducing the disinfection costs.

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