How and Why it’s Essential to Clean and Disinfect your Mattress

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Mattresses tend to gather a lot of dust as time passes by, and it is essential to clean them now and then. After a long day at work, this is where you lie down through the night, and having a good night’s sleep is priceless. But your mattress, just like any other household stuff, can carry just as many germs and other pathogens. Dust mites, for example, are little critters, too small to see without a microscope but they can cause serious allergic reactions. They thrive in warm, humid environments such as bedding, carpeting, etc. They can be felt in itchy eyes and runny noses. Pollen and mold can also cause discomfort when you are trying to sleep because they are irritants for sensitive eyes, noses, and skin. They can cause health issues preventing you from sleeping.

How do you clean your mattress to prevent allergies?

These allergens need to be destroyed if you want to avoid sleepless nights, now and in the future. You may feel like you are okay now, but you don’t know how these microorganisms are affecting your health, and that can cause long-term health issues.

There are methods you can use to clean your mattress. The first step is to remove the mattress from the bed, then use a vacuum cleaner to remove as much dust and other particles as possible. It would be great if you can rent a commercial steamer, run the steamer across every inch of the mattress surfaces. That way, you can significantly decrease the number of these microorganisms. If you can get an expert to help you with the process, that can be great, but if you can’t, you should try and avoid using constant steam bursts to avoid soaking the mattress. After cleaning, you should ensure that the bed is arid before using it again.

How to disinfect your mattress?

Well, disinfectants are the most potent weapons when it comes to combating infectious pathogens. That is because they don’t only reduce their numbers but kill them entirely upon contact. Suppose you want to rid your home of any infectious threat like germs, bacteria, fungi, or viruses. In that case, disinfectants are the only chemical products strong enough to do that, and they are designed for that purpose. However, it is essential to know what kind of disinfectant you are using on a particular surface material to avoid any risk of damage it can cause.

Disinfectants are chemicals, and not all substances can be used universally. In this case, since we are dealing with a mattress, you should avoid using bleach as this will harm the mattress fibers and cover. Antibacterial cleaners are best suited for this kind of disinfection. If using a liquid cleaner, follow the instructions as stated on the label by the manufacturer.

The first step is always to vacuum your mattress to remove dust and other particles. Spray your disinfectant solution or antibacterial spray across all surfaces of your bed. Then take a clean rag and dip it in warm water, wring it out as much as possible and use it to wipe down all surfaces after spraying them. Leave your mattress to dry before you use it. Always use EPA registered disinfectants.

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