How to Safely Disinfect your Phone During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Cleaning and disinfecting
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cleaning and disinfecting

With the increasing spread of coronavirus globally, many people are more concerned than before about how to stay germ-free and clean. People understand, as well, that smartphones or other gadgets can carry a lot of germs. While a lot of attention has been put on the hands, it is essential to clean devices several times.

However, how should you clean your smartphones? And how much worries do you need to put about spreading or catching the virus through your phone? Here is what experts say regarding how to stay safe.

How dirty can phones be?

A phone is a device that carries the same quantity of germs or more as the hands. However, most users usually fail to pay much attention to such gadgets. One may use a personal phone while in the bathroom, cleans the hands, and touch it again. Of course, whenever you handle public surfaces, you are likely to collect transferrable germs.

The importance of disinfecting your phone

The risks associated with acquiring viral or bacterial infections through directly touching your smartphone shows the primary importance of considering disinfection. However, the unfortunate news is that the process of cleaning such devices is not a walk in the park. Like other electronic equipment, the phones are susceptible to moisture. That makes it challenging to use sprays on the surface or wipe off using wet clothing.
Some phone models are even highly challenging to clean because of the advanced technology used in the manufacture. Cleaning products could damage the screen’s fingerprint-resisting oleophobic coating. But then the usage of isopropyl wipes having 70percent alcohol-based and Clorox wipes are recommended.

How to safely clean your phone

The chances of quickly spreading the COVID-19 virus from your smartphone are minimal. But keeping your phone clean at all times does not hurt. And you are going to find it pretty easier when transferring organisms on your phone to your body. The first step when cleaning electronic devices entails ensuring that the device is not connected to power.

  • Switch off your device.
  • Gently wipe the screen using the microfiber piece of cloth to eliminate crud and smudges. Indeed, the resulting friction between the glass surface and fabric can remove any germs. However, this ability does not kill pathogens, and the microfiber is recommended due to its efficiency during use, unlike washcloth or paper towels. Besides, its surface area is more extensive, allowing for more dirt to be traped and the effectiveness in absorbing grease.
  • Use wipes to sanitize your phone’s screen, especially the most recommended and safe ones for electronic devices.
  • Let your phone rest for a few minutes, say five. It is allowed if all that wait period is not available and disinfect immediately. However, it is advisable to give some time.
  • You can also consider using paper towels when wiping the screen dry after this process.

You do not need expensive products.

Do you have to invest in the coolest UV phone sanitizers in your Google ads? Perhaps not because UV light is not effective against all pathogens. Yet, not much is known on how it affects viruses, including the debut COVID-19. Considering how much the gadgets are expensive, any alcohol-based product can work just well. If you want to purchase one, think of Bactaleen disinfecting and sanitizing products.

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