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October 12, 2016
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November 16, 2016
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Hospitals are looked up to as places where people see themselves getting healthy from any big or small disease. People put a lot of their trust in these places which ultimately puts that responsibility on the ones running these organizations. The situation, however, tells a different story. We need to understand that cleanliness is a pre-requisite to any medicine or treatment. If your hygiene is being compromised, then no other ailment will work. Same goes for hospitals, where authorities are least bothered about the cleanliness of the place which then puts the patients’ lives at risk.

Sadly, hospitals have forgotten how important it is to maintain proper cleanliness of the site. Few of the most common discrepancies are found as blood stained floors, dirty curtains, and even more soiled bed sheets. Utensils that are used on a regular basis are hardly sterilized which ultimately puts the patient’s life at risk. Cleaning is not a complicated process and if done correctly will turn out to be beneficial in many ways.

Bactakleen products in this matter fit perfectly, and their cleaning products always give remarkable results. An exciting product to talk about would be their Ultra Mist machine that helps to clean the air of bacteria within seconds. When placed in any space, hospital rooms, for instance, the device will release antibacterial nano-particles and fumigate the air within seconds. This will be very useful to use on a daily basis and keep the whole hospital clean so that even those people who come to assist the patient are safe from diseases. If you are living in the UAE, then it is even easier for you to avail the facility because Bactakleen has most of its customers from Dubai. Health is a very sensitive issue and must not be compromised at any cost.

The cure to the issue’s core! Bactakleen solution of Sick Building Syndrome

It is, therefore, important for the hospitals to realize their mistakes and work on them in the best way possible and in the shortest time. They should make sure that all utensils are sterilized after every patient’s use. Garbage bags should be kept away from the hospital indoors, and nurses/ward boys should be on their toes at all times. Floors, bed sheets, and curtains are the essentials that should be washed almost every alternate day. Floors and bed sheets, however, should be cleaned twice a day. For this very purpose, management can take help from cleaning products like that of Bactakleen and avail their high-end products. The company has got different sprays that are made to suit multiple surfaces like cloth, metal or wood. For instance, another of their product is the Odor Killer. It helps to get free hospital rooms and hallways rid of the particular medicine smell that a lot of times make patients nauseous. Their products are guaranteed for their long-term effectiveness and will surely be a good value for money. This topic about cleanliness in hospitals is delicate and should not be taken lightly at any time. Every life matters!


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