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November 7, 2016
Is your car making you sick try bactakleen
June 14, 2017
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Buying a car is much more than just the fancy showcase aspect. When you buy a car it becomes your responsibility to make sure that it is clean from both the outside as well as the inside. Cars are really easy to maintain if done regularly. Whether you have children or are single, your car will still get dirty. The dust particles in the air will make it dirty even if it is not used that much. This all calls for all those individuals to make sure their cars are clean and fully maintained at all times. Bactakleen specializes in serving this very niche and offers products with amazing cleaning capabilities. Since cars are closed most of the time, the air inside can get a really bad smell that gets irritating for many people. Bactakleen’s odor killer functions exactly to resolve that problem and makes the air pleasant once again within minutwash-me-bactakleenes.

Renting cars has now become a business. It is becoming increasingly popular but brings some noteworthy disadvantages along with it as well. People who use those cars are least bothered about keeping it clean and then by the time they hand it back, it is too dirty to be cleaned by water alone. Dirt is not limited to what the eye can see, there are all sorts of bacteria present on steering, seats and handles.

It is therefore extremely important to free the car from all types of dirty bacteria. Bactakleen’s  fumigation machine works ideal in this situation. The machine has to be placed inside the car, anywhere, for about 20 minutes. During that time, the machine releases an anti bacterial gas which will remove all unwanted bacteria from the car.

Apart from invisible bacteria, there is dirt on seats, tires and dashboards. People who usebactakleen-insidecar the cars sometimes spill drinks and other food remains. Bactakleen assures to clean all of that leaving a spotless result. Our anti-mist solution is used to wipe off strong stains from seats and other areas. It wipes off stains that otherwise would be difficult to do with water alone. The solution has strong chemicals that quickly wipe off stains off from different surfaces.

Bactakleen aims to provide the best cleaning services and makes sure that no matter how bad the situation is, they are able to rectify it from all ends. Our products are made with the latest solutions and technology that provides complete cleanliness without taking much of the precious time. People spend a great deal of money in buying cars; if they are not maintained then the car’s life would start to deteriorate quicker. Dirt that isn’t cleaned fast enough gets stuck and eventually starts to destroy the exteriors. It is not easy to wash cars daily as it requires a good amount of time, for this very reason Bactakleen offers its services that do the job in less than 30 minutes. Bactakleen.ae is where you can learn more about the company and their complete range of products. So, contact us right away and you will surely not be disappointed.

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