Is you car a toxic trap

There are germ hiding in unreachable spot of your car
June 16, 2017
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April 15, 2020
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Studies show that dirty car interiors are breeding cause of hostile bacteria.

Many people treat our cars like second homes, but with one major difference we wouldn’t let our homes obtain that filthy. Decomposing food under seats, dirty pets sharing space with groceries, young children doing ‘what young kids do’. Unwittingly, we’re turning the insides of our cars into breeding cause all sorts of unsavory bacteria, and even we’re opening ourselves around serious risk.

Within our video feature, Dr Anthony Hilton gets inside some of Britain’s commonest kinds of cars and examines them in microbiological detail. He with his fantastic team at Aston University took samples through the areas inside our cars that ‘re normally used or handled steering wheels, gear sticks, rear seats and subjected the crooks to rigorous microscopic examination. What you found wasn’t pretty once even discovering traces of the E-coli virus.

Cleaning the car may appear being a pain, but when you’ve witnessed Dr Hilton’s fascinating expose of the company’s unwanted hidden passengers, you may well be inclined to think again about creating a fast once finished an antibacterial wipe or two.

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