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October 17, 2020
cleaning and disinfecting

3 effective office and home disinfecting tips

The world has continued to ramp its self-protection measures against germs. While the public has received much advice, there is a lot to learn regarding this […]
October 16, 2020
disinfection and sanitizing

Why sanitization booths eliminate bacteria and viruses effectively

As it is presently known, the world would never be the same because of the pandemics faced. Thanks to what is seen, how people interact, socialize, […]
October 16, 2020
Cleaning and disinfecting

Choosing the right disinfectant products for your facility

Infections and disease outbreaks put your family and staff at risk. Working and living in spaces free from microorganisms is one vital prerequisite to achieving reliable […]
October 15, 2020
disinfection services in Dubai

Why disinfecting your home is vital?

Home is where your heart is. And nothing beats the feeling of having a healthy family. However, there are always threats that come from germs and […]